Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fates and Furies

Lotto (Lancelot, what a great character name) and Mathilde
meet at the very end of college and shockingly marry within weeks. She is reclusive and modelesque. Lotto is also of great height and demeanor and known to everyone as the star of the play, star of the campus, a very popular guy. Even though the book is actually set in two parts, Fates and Furies. I see it in three. The first third is Lotto's past. Mildly entertaining and confusing. The middle portion describes their life together struggling in a small basement apartment in Greenwich Village where Lotto discovers his talent as a playwright. Again, very cool setting, interesting characters, complete confusion. The last third of the book is about Mathilde and finally the reader learns who she really is and where she comes from. I actually enjoyed this part the most. The excellent writing flowed easily and although I very much wanted to know what was going to happen I was often unsure if I truly wished to keep reading (never a good thing with a book.) I can't place exactly what the meaning of the story is. Crazy family, abandonment, false friends, secrets, love or finding true passion. Maybe a little of each. All I know is this novel failed to grab me.

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