Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Rent Collector

If you want a book you cannot put down, pick up
The Rent Collector today. This heartwarming story of Sang Ly and Ki Lim and their son Nisay. They live in a dump in Cambodia. They pick trash for a living. There is danger, illness, hunger and shame. The Rent Collector is a woman who is called the dragon lady. She is mean and wicked and often drunk. She collects the rent. Imagine not making enough to pay the rent on your three sided hut at the dump? One day Sang Ly sees something in this woman that forces her to break through this barrier, this facade she has put up, and find out who she really is. Their lives are changed forever. Without giving anything away, I will be brief. A beautiful friendship begins and the hearts and minds of many are changed forever. There are so many lessons to be learned if we take the time to open our eyes wide and find out what the ancestors really mean. This novel is based on a documentary filmed of this very dump which was produced by the author's son. Although it is fiction, you know in your heart that it is very real. So be grateful you don't live in a dump and go get this book today. It is a MUST read.

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