Tuesday, October 6, 2015

After You

We waited long enough to find out what happens to Louisa Clark
(Me Before You) and here it is! After You is Louisa's story. How she copes with Will gone, the guilt, the sadness and loneliness. She joins a Moving On Circle, buys her own flat in London, travels and tries to have the life she thinks Will would have wanted her to have. But its not happening. Louisa misses him terribly. Her job at the airport bar is a dead end flight to nowhere in a stupid uniform, her family is disappointed that she is constantly making bad choices and the icing on the scone is Lily shows up at her door and changes her world forever. Lily is a confused, precocious teenager but she is her connection to the past and Louisa cannot resist as always trying to help and change the lives of the people she loves. With few boundaries Louisa continues to find trouble and complications everywhere she goes. Jojo Moyes tells the story with the wit, charm, humor and ease that made us undeniably fall in love with Will and Louisa the first time around. This is a great sequel - as we all needed closure after Me Before You - and great story within itself of finding strength in family, friends and yourself and the power to turn it all around! There is nothing to discuss, its a MUST read. Well done Jojo Moyes, I truly had no idea what to expect and I loved every minute of After You! Cannot wait to see Me Before You (the movie) in 2016, which I think was cast perfectly!

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