Saturday, April 29, 2023

Women Are the Fiercest Creatures

Strangers is one of the largest tech companies in the social media space. The upcoming IPO is going to make founder and CEO Jake Sarnoff more money than he has ever imagined at the same time that his young instagrammable wife Jessica is about to give birth. Anna, wife #1, is an attorney who helped build Strangers and while raising their two teenage sons during this transition has not been easy, she is doing her best to keep the peace. Samanta, Jake’s college ex-girlfriend who has never gotten over Jake’s abandonment is suddenly back in his life while working with a New York Times reporter regarding a story of the very public IPO and its questionable past. In this small upscale town outside Seattle the very rich firmly believe they can manipulate any situation to their advantage and these women are tired of the male hierarchy controlling their lives. No matter how handsome and charming Jake may be, they are finally seeing the light. In a world where social media is already controlling the masses, this premise is not that farfetched at all! At the beginning the reader is quickly introduced to a very large cast of characters and it may feel a little confusing. Worth hanging in there as it all comes together creating a suspenseful story filled with family drama, tech secrets and delicious revenge. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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