Monday, April 10, 2023

The Golden Spoon

The Golden Spoon has been a top rated reality cooking show for the last ten years. Hordes of fans wait for the annual weeklong event to see which of the six chosen bakers will win the coveted title. Infamous baker, cookbook author and host Betsy Martin holds the event in the Victorian mansion in which she was raised, Grafton Manor. Deep in the luxurious rolling hills of Vermont, the contestants arrive one by one, each carrying their own baking baggage. As Betsy grapples with an obnoxious co-host she despises and an assistant she no longer trusts, she must protect the legacy of Grafton Manor which cannot be maintained without the revenue of Bake Week. Small discrepancies in salt and sugar and oven temperatures may only pique the reader’s curiosity but no-one can turn a blind eye when a dead body is found. As the baking competition, similar to the Great British Bake Off, follows each delicious recipe - the various backgrounds of each baker is slowly revealed. With all the ingredients of an escape room mystery, the contestants are locked in the mansion on a stormy night. When the power fails and lightening flashes the frightening truth is slowly revealed. Highly recommend this fun, fast paced foodie mystery, a debut novel by Jesse Maxwell, definitely a rising star. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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