Saturday, April 29, 2023

Make A Wish

Seven years ago Harley Spark made a huge mistake. She almost kissed her boss. At the time she was nanny to a precious infant whose mother had tragically passed away. While the dad Gavin grieves and desperately needs help, Harley may have overstepped the nanny lines just a little bit. The family quickly moved to another part of Colorado and Harley never forgave herself. Now, years later they unexpectedly show up at Spark House, the party planning company Harley runs with her sisters. Shocked to meet up again, the little girl Peyton is dressed as a princess for the birthday party she is attending and Gavin is speechless noticing that Harley is not the young college student she was but a beautiful woman he cannot stop staring at. Slowly they reignite their friendship while very carefully navigating Peyton’s young feelings and those of his in-laws still reeling from the loss of their daughter. This is #3 in a series, each focusing on a different sister. I liked the first one best, so “When Sparks Fly” would be a good place to start! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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