Sunday, April 23, 2023

Happy Place

Ten years after college 6 best friends find themselves at their happy place, for the last time. Sabrina’s Dad is selling his beautiful vacation home in Maine where these roomies have reconnected and reminisced year after year. Some of their most treasured memories happened on this lake and this is where Harriet and Wyn fell in love. Although they initially denied their feelings for the sake of the others, the moment Wyn picked her up at the airport every single thing changed. Now, years later the group meets up at the lake house for their last hurrah. In addition to the infamous lobster fest weekend, Parth and Sabrina announce they are getting married. Harriet and Wyn do not announce what they have hidden for the past 5 months, something no-one could have ever guessed - they have broken up. Wyn has returned to Montana to help care for his mother as Harriet continues to trudge through her grueling surgery residency in San Francisco.  Once again, wishing to spare the others any discomfort they decide to wait until after the festivities to break the jarring news. Easier said than done, now that Wyn is in her midst Harriet’s heart is slowly breaking all over again. There is no way she can just be friends with the man who knows her every whim and every secret. The one who promised to love her forever. As they try in vain to “fake it til you make it”, they discover the truth about themselves and the friends they consider family. Fast paced fun, this book has a great mix of laughter, love and the challenges of long lasting friendships. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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