Monday, February 28, 2022


Emma Caan is a copyist, not a forger - there’s a difference. She copies masterpieces for clients and signs the back. She is not trying to fool anyone except herself as she hasn’t created her own work in years. Ever since graduating from Yale Emma’s confidence has faded. To support herself in high-priced New York City she works for a company that copies art for the most reputable museums and collectors in the world. One day a repeat client, billionaire Russian oligarch Leonard Sobetsky would like to meet his copyist. Emma is warmly greeted and instructed to call him Lenny. Quickly invited to Lenny’s mansion and invited to his inner circle, Emma is manipulated by an offer she cannot refuse. She will leave her tedious job and difficult boss to work for the most prestigious gallery in NYC. On the side she will continue to copy paintings for only Lenny and icing on the cake, she will live rent free in his magnificent temperature controlled studio. As Emma is swept away into Lenny’s extravagant lifestyle of private jets, art shows in Hong Kong, drug dealers and glamorous dinner parties, she begins to question the very hand that feeds her. With her pyrophobia nightmares keeping her awake, Emma spends countless nights trying to puzzle out exactly what is going on. Her newly crafted life begins to crumble as the truth is revealed behind the pretty layers. Fast paced suspense sets the art world on fire. Could not put this one down. Thank you author Erica Katz for another best seller! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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