Sunday, February 20, 2022

The Rebound

Suddenly single, jobless and homeless Abby Reynolds finds herself on the first  plane back to Ireland. Having spent her childhood doing everything in her power to leave this tiny village where everyone knows your business and nothing exciting ever happens, Abby is on her sister Louise’s doorstep of their once childhood home that she hasn’t seen in years. Instantly at odds with each other, as usual, she wakes the next morning instructed they are having guests for lunch. When the very handsome man who gave her a ride - and she may have flirted with - shows up she is oddly speechless. Standing there is Luke Bailey, the boy next door who most certainly is not a little boy any more. Instantly turning all shades of red and furious why no-one mentioned that Luke grew up into an absolutely gorgeous, sexy man. Needing these next few weeks to find a new job and get over her ex Abby works hard to be civil with her sister and ignore the electrical sparks she feels whenever Luke is around. This town may not be New York City and Abby won’t be wearing any of her fancy corporate clothes but it doesn’t take long to start to feel at home again. Digging deep to find out what this next chapter has in store brings heartwarming surprises and sisterly love. Give me a romcom with an Irish brogue and I am quickly swooning. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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