Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Lucky Leap Day

When aspiring screenwriter Cara Kennedy arrives in Ireland her luggage is lost, it’s pouring rain and she is unexpectedly alone after being dumped by her no-good boyfriend. Her uber driver Finn takes pity on her by giving a quick tour of the city and the sweater off his back. Not only is he sweet and kind but his sexy brogue has Cara melting into puddles on the back seat. Imagining she will never see him again, Cara enjoys a bit of friendly flirting as Finn directs her to the best sites to see during her quick 3 day trip. Finally having a much needed break from her demanding Los Angeles job, Cara squeezes in as much on her list as possible. On the very last day Finn is once again her tour guide. Coincidence or fate? Cara will never know but on this lucky Leap Day and one too many whiskeys she finds herself on a plane home with her new husband, Finn. Since the fifth century, it is Irish tradition that only on Leap Day women can propose marriage to men. Too drunk to remember the details, she hurry back for a career changing meeting while introducing Finn to California living. With the luck of the Irish, her handsome hunk gets discovered and their worlds are turned upside down. Filled with delightful characters, this fast paced light-hearted romance will have you dreaming of a ticket to Dublin! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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