Sunday, February 20, 2022

Part of Your World

Swerving to avoid a raccoon, Alexis Montgomery finds herself in a ditch on a country road, in the middle of nowhere. When her knight in shining armor arrives in a beat up truck it is game over. Daniel Grant, her tattooed, bearded savior is the hottest guy she has ever laid eyes on. The meet cute quickly turns into more than a grilled cheese sandwich and up all night kind of sleepover. Completely out of character for this conservative ER doctor from Minneapolis, Alexis cannot stop thinking about this sweet, kind, sexy guy. Her ├╝ber wealthy successful parents would be appalled, her shallow friends and chief of surgery ex-boyfriend would laugh out loud. But Alexis has been unhappy for a long time. After months in therapy since ending an emotionally abusive relationship she tortures herself while negotiating with her mind and heart. Finding herself making the long trek back and forth to this tiny quiet town Alexis gets to know Daniel, his friends, relatives and neighbors never revealing much about herself. It’s undeniably another world, one where she can finally breathe. There is no resisting the explosive chemistry between Daniel and herself. Forced to accept this is more than a a one night stand, Alexis must choose between her career, familial expectations and true happiness. Put on lots of lotion for this steamy hot beach read because once you start it, you will not be getting out of your seat any time soon. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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