Monday, February 14, 2022

The Magnolia Palace

Alone and devastated months following her mother’s death, Lillian Carter finds herself destitute. After escaping her apartment building when her smarmy landlord tries to involve her in his wife’s murder, Lillian has no money, no home and no plan. Walking past the front gate of the infamous Frick mansion, Lillian is accidentally brought in for an interview as personal secretary for Helen Frick. Initially trying to explain the misunderstanding, this beautiful former artist’s model is mesmerized by walls full of magnificent art. Having spent the majority of the last few years in studios, Lillian is exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate about these paintings and sculptures and quickly impresses her potential employer. Then and there she puzzles out the perfect plan. She will fudge her way through the job and save enough money to escape to California and become a film star. Helen Frick is a demanding overbearing employer but clever Miss Lilly finds ways to appease her and realizes she is very good at this job. The longer she works at the Frick mansion the more she is involved in the daily lives of this temperamental wealthy family. In the mid 1960’s Veronica, an English model is at the Frick Museum, part of a photo shoot, when she is left behind on the eve of a blizzard. Trapped for the weekend with a handsome young intern, the two uncover a thread of hidden messages that they cannot resist following, uncovering truths of the past and secrets never meant to see the light of day. Narrated by the voices of the past, talented author Fiona Davis easily transports the reader to another time with characters both real and fictional. This book is unputdownable and I cannot wait to get back to New York and visit the Frick in person! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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