Monday, June 25, 2018

The Wedding Date

As Alexa is on her way up to her sister’s hotel room, the elevator comes to a jolting halt. And that is how Alexa Monroe meets Drew Nichols, gorgeous pediatric surgeon. Sharing snacks and life stories, the elevator finally begins to climb again and so does Alexa’s heart rate as Drew invites her to attend his ex-girlfriend’s wedding at that very hotel the next evening. To his surprise, she accepts. After having an incredible weekend together, (fake date or not!) this surprise becomes the beginning of a roller coaster love affair. He lives in LA, she lives in SF. They both have demanding jobs and Alexa is terrified Drew will break her heart, but neither can deny their intense chemistry. With light humor and lots of romance, The Wedding Date will be sure to grab your heart. A flirty, delicious story that forces you to smile. Perfect, easy, enjoyable summer read. Looking forward to reading more work from debut author Jasmine Guillory.

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