Monday, June 25, 2018

Lawn Boy

Mike Munoz is a young man who cuts lawns for a living. Well, thats what his job description says but he considers himself a topiary artist, carving shrubs into works of art. He lives in a run down house with his mom and disabled brother who eats un unbelievable amount of junk food. Just a couple of years out if highschool, Mike is not a bad guy. Mike is an average guy. He dreams of just paying the rent, getting a new car and helping out his hard working mom. When Mike loses his job he accepts one bad situation after another because he has no other choice. Guys not so reputable take advantage of his hard work and kind heart. It seems that every time Mike takes a few positive steps forward he gets sent back to start. I kind of like him, he definitely means well and there are a bunch of life lessons as we all search for some hidden meaning, some rating card that says what it means to be successful. Twisty end, somewhat entertaining but I’m on the fence with my recommendation. Author Jonathon Evison has an awesome way with words but for me the story dragged and I lost interest. It was more like a short story stretched into a book. 

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