Monday, June 25, 2018

That Kind of Mother

To say that Rebecca Stone is a frazzled new mother, is to put it mildly. When she hires Priscilla, a warm, experienced nanny to help her at home her life is turned around. Priscilla teaches Rebecca how to be a mother. She makes everything look so easy. And half the time confidence is the key. Priscilla watches and loves the baby while Rebecca sits in her office daydreaming about the poetry she used to write. When Priscilla dies during her own childbirth, Rebecca offers to raise (and later adopts)w her son. Raising two boys, one white and one black seems to “want” be the focus of this story. In my opinion children easily accept differences and change, its Rebecca’s bad parenting, not lack of love, that causes their tumultuous home to fall apart. I loved the writing, I loved the themes but really disliked all the weak characters. It was just a depressing mess. 

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