Monday, June 25, 2018

Sweet Filthy Boy

When Mia and her best friends Harlow and Lola go to Vegas after their college graduation their lives are turned upside down. What happens in Vegas doesn’t exactly stay in Vegas as Mia wakes up with a wedding ring on her finger. Her sexy, gorgeous, sweet, husband is lying next to her and inviting her to spend the summer in France. Normally Mia is the girl that never does anything out of the ordinary and follows her demanding father’s path to success, but finding Ansel irresistible she decides just this once to give destiny a chance. Mia scrambles off to have the summer of her dreams and finds more than she ever imagined possible. After recently enjoying Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren, I decided to reach back to one of their popular series I had never tried. Well, here is the 50 Shades-ish book I had been looking for. What a treat for a hot summer day, and lucky for me - its a trilogy. This just keeps getting better, ha! If you’d like to spend the day in Paris, this adorable, delicious, easy to read fantasy will be happy to take you there for free, maybe just hide the cover from the kids :-)

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