Monday, June 25, 2018

The Book of Essie

Essie Hicks is part of a religious reality tv sensation that literally is her life. Her father is the famous evangelist whose sermons are watched by millions. Her controlling mother secretly runs the show while Essie and her five siblings have been viewed daily their entire lives. Every word they say and move they make is scripted, edited and cut to form the image that is Six for Hicks. When Essie, barely 17 years old finds out she is pregnant, Celia, her mother falls into full action mode. It is decided that Essie will be married to a local boy who is an outstanding student hiding secrets of his own. What started out as a disaster may be Essie’s escape to independence and revenge and Roarke Richards is the perfect husband to help her. Pulling the puppet strings gets easier as Essie has TV journalist Liberty Bell in her pocket. Liberty, who has her own demons on her trail desperately wants to help Essie find the freedom her family has destroyed. This twisted absolutely original story had me on the edge of my seat. It is an unputdownable page turner about family, trust and the insane obsession of reality television, that is anything but real. Highly recommend this well written, perfect summer read. It is a FIVE STAR MUST!

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  1. I got this one from the Book of the Month club last month and have yet to have the chance to read it, but it looks SO GOOD!