Friday, December 22, 2017


As the last movie of the trilogy approaches it was fun to read Darker, the latest read in the Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele saga. The story continues through Christians eyes. (first one called Grey) An abusive early childhood still haunts his dreams and he cannot bare to be touched. Christian wins Ana back and they continue their smoldering tumultuous relationship. This time around he wants to change, try things her way. With no contracts and the future wide open they begin to move forward with their undying love and intense sexual attraction. There is the mysterious Leila, his ex-sub that has reappeared and is stalking them, Ana’s creepy boss is waiting in the shadows to make his jealous moves and Elena (Mrs. Robinson) cannot accept that Christian actually wants to change his life. Repetitive rollercoaster of emotions keeps these two on their toes and in the throes of passion. Like it or not (and I did!) only 54 days until Fifty Shades Freed. 

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