Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Sleepwalker

Beautiful Annalee Ahlberg has gone missing from her small Vermont town where she lives with her family. Her daughters are frantic when they awake and find their mother is missing. Her husband Warren, an English professor, is out of town at a conference. Neighbors, police and friends immediately begin searching and find nothing but a small square of fabric hanging on a branch near the river. Annalee, a loving mom, wife and daughter also hides many deep dark secrets because she is a sleepwalker. The shame of what she sometimes remembers or would rather forget is buried under layers and years of this burden she carries. Now she has vanished without a trace. Her eldest daughter Lianna, a college student and amateur magician begins an unexpected friendship with a detective on the case. Gavin Rikert is 12 years her senior but he knew her mother well and Lianna finds herself indescribably attracted to him. But can she trust him? Can she trust anyone? The deeper Lianna digs to find the truth about her mother, the more baffled she becomes. Filled with twists and turns, best selling author Chris Bohjalian takes us on a most uncommon journey through a severe case of parasomnia. These amazing characters come together mourning the loss of Annalee, searching for meaning in the life she had when she was both awake and asleep. Highly recommend this suspenseful, captivating novel. A MUST READ!! Publication in January 2017. Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read early! Don’t worry reader friends, it is definitely worth the wait!!

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  1. I love Bohjalian and have this one waiting on my Kindle. Will read it most likely in December. Glad to hear you loved it!