Sunday, November 27, 2016


While enjoying a romantic dinner at one of Seattle’s finest restaurants, Kailey and Ryan discuss the plans for their upcoming 5 star wedding. After dinner, while Kailey waits for the car, she glances toward a sad but commonplace scene - that of a homeless man resting against the wall. As she is about to offer him some food their eyes meet and in that moment Kailey’s life is changed forever. When she realizes she is not dreaming, Kailey sees that although haggard and thin this most familiar face is none other than Cade, her fiancĂ© that disappeared and broke her heart more than a decade before. What begins as Kailey’s mission to help Cade get back on his feet turns into her journey to find the truth about what happened to him even though his eyes do not register even the slightest recognition. This wonderful new novel by author Sarah Jio is a love story of true friendship and big heart. It is also an inquiry into which lives matter. Are those on the street as quickly forgotten as we hand them our leftovers? If you have no money and haven’t had a bath, can your feelings and desires still be relevant and heard? As each chapter alternates between their past relationship and the present, a full beautiful life to one filled with despair and fear, one must realize that each person on the corner has a story to tell. Ms. Jio’s beautiful words will have you thinking about its characters long after the novel ends. Highly recommend this original and heartfelt read. We cannot mistake what “we” think someone needs and what someone really needs. You can enjoy this wonderful novel January 2017!

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  1. I've only read on Jio novel and I really enjoyed it - thanks for the reminder to pick another up!