Saturday, November 12, 2016

We Could Be Beautiful

Catherine West is an unhappy woman. She grew up extremely wealthy and privileged but is well aware that her cold calculating mother has left her heart cracked in a million pieces. At forty three years old Catherine has experienced two failed engagements, the loss of her beloved father and is currently watching her mother slide downhill fast with recently diagnosed Alzheimer’s Disease. Living in NYC her entire life, in the lap of luxury Catherine blows her monthly trust stipend in ways most people cannot begin to imagine. But these purchases only fill her void temporarily. Loneliness fills her days and keeps her awake at night until the moment she unexpectedly meets tall, handsome William Stockton. Their whirlwind romance is everything she has ever dreamed and they quickly are engaged to be married. Slowly the trickle of uncertainty drips through their relationship. A photograph. A comment. A long lost journal. Something is not right and although Catherine would be happy to live in denial, these mounting clues leave her constantly miserable and worried. With or without money she knows she will never feel truly loved and safe until she discovers the truth. Fabulous debut novel by author Swan Huntley. The characters come alive and there were just enough twists and turns to keep me hooked. Smooth, descriptive writing, I highly recommend this captivating read and peek into another world where it is quite clear that money cannot buy happiness.

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