Saturday, November 12, 2016

Love Warrior

This is a memoir by Glennon Doyle Melton. At the beginning Glennon describes her normal if imperfect childhood. Sadly, by the very young age of 10 years old she becomes bulimic. She recalls in great detail her feelings of inadequacy and self-hate, of jealousy and obscured body image. With only a few friends, Glennon dove into a world of books and medicated with extremely unhealthy bouts of this horrible eating disorder. In highschool, alcohol, drugs and sex eased her pain which by this time was filled with even more loathing of her home, her makeup, her clothes and most of - all her body – inside and out. Glennon felt worthless. After college she fools everyone (even herself) into thinking she can be happy and marries. Although there are some years of relief she later discovers her husband’s infidelity and pretty much hits rock bottom. The good part: She picks herself up off the ground over and over and over. Her sister and a select friend or two never give up on her. She finds religion. She never gives up. This is the kind of book that you may find solace in for yourself or a loved one. The hype that led to my choosing this book (see Oprah) only took me about ¾ of the way before it felt extremely repetitive. If you are in the mood to peek (deep) into someone’s diary, a woman’s inner soul – Glennon does a great job telling her story. The road to recovery is treacherous and I applaud her. For the reader, I think memoirs/self-help books have a lot to do with timing. This one is up to you.

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