Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bridget Jones's Baby

Bridget Jones, now in her late thirties is a (still) single, successful career woman. She is most often completely content and having a ball until one of her uptight married friends or her own mother reminds her that her biological clock is actually a time bomb with few minutes to spare. After two unrelated, unexpected one night stands with none other than her ex-fiance Mark Darcy and ex-boss Daniel, Bridget finds herself pregnant. Yes, this is silly. Yes, it makes no sense because in the last Bridget book Mark Darcy had tragically died. But Helen Fielding makes no apologies. She rolls with the flow (thanks to Hollywood) and rewrites Mark into the story with all the humor and chaos of the past 3 Bridget books. Written in diary format, this short fun read is totally Bridget and took all of two hours for me to plow through. An enjoyable laugh out loud Sunday treat. There are just some days it doesn’t need to make sense, it was just funny.

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