Friday, December 16, 2016

The Improbability of Love

Annie McDee never dreamed she’d find herself beginning her life again; in London, with no job, no love and no idea how to start over. After losing her boyfriend and business seemingly overnight Annie turns to the one thing she has always has a gift for, cooking. She gets a job as a chef for a wealthy family who controls a huge art consortium the world over. The meals are slim and boring but it pays the bills. One day Annie saunters into a secondhand shop and with complete naivete purchases a small beautiful painting for less than $100. This painting turns out to be a masterpiece worth an extraordinary amount of money. As Annie begins to decipher its provenance and value so do the people that have long been searching for this painting. And so begins the art hoax/chase/romance/Nazi facade …. and the list goes on. Unfortunately, what started as a solid story meandered in a thousand different directions. Any one of them could have been entertaining but the dizzying pace and contrived outcomes became too arduous. Interesting, yet unoriginal theme, mediocre writing and terrible editing do not make a good novel. Sorry, I struggled with this one and cannot recommend as one of my must reads.

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  1. I am the only person I know who was tickled by this book! I'm a weirdo. Somehow, having the painting as one of the narrators kept me so amused that I ignored everything else.