Thursday, July 7, 2016

In Twenty Years

It has been almost twenty years since this close knit group of friends graduated from Penn. They never imagined anything could tear them apart. But all these years later and on the eve of what would have been Bea’s fortieth birthday, they reunite in their old row house in Philadelphia, for better or for worse. There is Owen and Catherine, that were supposed to be the happily married couple, Lindy has sky rocketed to rock n roll fame, Annie still searching for her true love and Colin who has helped Bea arrange this long awaited if not strange reunion of best friends. Each character in this story has their own twist and unique persona. Fabulous author Allison Winn Scotch easily brings the reader into the heart of the matter. Who have you become? And are you the person you always hoped you’d be? These not simple questions have even more complicated answers. Bea, always the gatekeeper passed away in a tragic accident years before but she pre-arranged for her friends to reunite for the 4th of July weekend. Business dilemmas, unexpected guests and marriages gone awry force these friends to deeply evaluate each of their relationships and themselves. They are often shocked by the speed with which they are no longer young and in fact raising their own children, at the same time have completely forgot what they believed in when they wanted to conquer the world. I truly enjoyed this heartfelt novel filled with sharp wit and honesty. Some embellishments aside, this easily reminded me of college days and all the characters met along the way. Not to mention the thrill it would be to go back for a weekend and fill those shoes. Memory is such a funny thing and I often see an old photo of myself and think who the heck is that girl? Highly recommend this terrific beach read!! #summerreads2016

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