Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy People Read and Drink Coffee

I was drawn to this novel completely because of the title, two of my favorite things! Diane is a young woman running a small literary cafĂ© in Paris with her eccentric friend. She loves her husband dearly and together they have a young daughter. When one day her husband and daughter are shockingly killed in an accident, Diane loses all will to live. She decides a change of scenery might give her more perspective on life and she goes to stay in a small quaint cottage on the Irish coast. Her neighbor is a handsome man named Edward. He seems a bit mysterious at first, coming and going with his dog and photography equipment. A few ups, a few downs. Edward and Diane connect then disconnect. There is of course a horrible ex-girlfriend and a few misunderstandings. The plot feels a little trite.  It is at once unthinkable (the accident) and I suppose I was hoping for more romance to counterbalance the sadness. Maybe something was lost in translation but this read with the adorable title was just okay for me.

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