Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Before the Fall

Scott Burroughs has finally turned his life around. He has stopped drinking, started to work seriously on his paintings and find just a little bit of happiness working in his studio that is a quiet barn in Martha’s Vineyard. As luck would have it, an acquaintance named Maggie offered him a ride on their private jet so he can attend some very promising art gallery meetings in the city. As luck would not have it - the luxurious  plane does not make it to its nearby destination. What would have been a 29 minute flight, descends into the deep dark ocean and Scott carries a small 4 year old boy for miles and miles to the shore. Some believe he is an incredibly brave hero, others cannot accept this was a mere accident. And so begins the journey into Before the Fall. This suspenseful novel shares the lives of each of the passengers, trying to figure out the connections that tied them together this fateful night. Scott discovers the truth about his art and himself. Do not miss this fabulous new summer read. I highly recommend this easy to follow, wonderfully written story by author/tv show creator Noah Hawley. Perfect for the beach or lying on a hammock, perhaps not the best for a plane ride.

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