Saturday, February 28, 2015

Where They Found Her

Molly Sanderson is reinventing herself as a reporter at the local paper. After the loss of her baby and the depression that followed, her beautiful little family has moved to the small town of Ridgedale for new jobs, friends and hopes of a second chance.  Until the phone call that changes everything. Molly’s boss Erik, has requested she follow a story a lot more serious than the life and arts section she had been enjoying. A body has been found down by the bridge. The body of an unidentified infant. And so the mystery begins, dragging Molly and this small town through a maze of terrifying memories, cover-ups, and emotions that go back for decades. Molly gathers the information carefully as the meticulous lawyer/student she had been. She is desperately trying to follow the rules while simultaneously hold it together as this story leads her to the brink of her own numbing memories that she has been trying to tamp down in order to move on. Her supportive husband worries this subject is too close to their own recent loss. Her boss mysteriously has left town and even the kindly chief of police lurks in the background. As this complicated mystery turns their lives upside down, who is innocent and who is guilty becomes indistinguishable. The relationships between friends, children and husbands become tangled as the fine lines blur between trust and truth. Could not put down this suspenseful second novel by Kimberly McCreight, the incredible author of Reconstructing Amelia. Highly recommend this page turner filled with likable characters and hair raising twists.

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