Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lillian on Life

Lillian, a woman of a certain age, is reflecting on her life, her loves,
her family. Often she smiles, sometimes there is a bit of regret. Lillian, born in Missouri in the 1930's is smart and feisty. She mostly hides her fire because it would be most unbecoming for a woman to do otherwise. She is finally set free from her mother's watchful eyes and makes her way to Europe. Terrified of traveling alone, Lillian knows she must leave her small town and small life if she is ever going to really "live" and she accepts a transcriptionist position in Munich. And slowly, she spreads her wings. Lil finds her way into an exciting career and life in the bustling cities of London and Paris. Dining with Dukes and writers, Lillian takes on a whole new persona. She falls in love, more than once. On reflection she wonders if this was her true self or was she constantly faking it. But aren't we all? We all are an accumulation of our experiences, for better and for worse. Years later Lillian finds herself living in NYC and in love with her boss, who is married. This most unique narrative is unlike anything I have ever read. Its short simple chapters are incredibly elegant. I was able to imagine Lillian, I could hear her. I didn't want the story to end. It is amazing to me when a character in a novel feels so real, I will actually miss her. Highly recommend this read and look forward to more from this incredible author.

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