Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Girl on the Train

I snap my fingers twice to break the spell. I have just been
hypnotized by The Girl on the Train. Rachel takes the 8:04 into London every day. Same day. Same train. And as it slows at a certain spot on the route, she observes life through the back gardens of a few homes. She imagines the lives of these strangers, gives them names, romance and dramas. Rachel lives vicariously through these characters because her life has fallen apart. Piece by piece she has lost everything and everyone she has loved - everything she has dreamed of. Suddenly one of the characters disappears and it is in all the newspapers. Rachel recognizes Jess/Megan and cannot fathom how this beautiful blonde girl with seemingly everything one could ever want, has mysteriously vanished. Then she starts to remember small bits of the scenario  that she has witnessed from the train and feels compelled to come forward to the police. But she is an unreliable witness. Desperate to help this couple Rachel goes above and beyond to find the truth and solve this twisted mystery. I could not put down this novel and when I was forced to feed my family I rushed right back to it. The most suspenseful drama since Gone Girl. Highly recommend.

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