Monday, February 23, 2015

The Last Good Paradise

Ann and Richard, a wanna-be yuppie couple in Los Angeles find themselves on
the run like common criminals. None of this is as it was supposed to be. Their path to follow their dreams has turned into a nightmare. Ann has worked night and day at a high powered law firm for the last ten years, solely to support her husbands goals of opening his own restaurant. Richard is a passionate, kind, loving chef that pours his heart and soul into every dish. Ann daydreams out her big corner office window of the future when she can hostess in their quaint little restaurant that she knows will become the talk of the town. And they will live happily ever after. Unfortunately, Richards best friend and partner/chef Javi is a loose cannon that spends way beyond his means and charms and sweet talks everyone with his lies and coverups as he falls deeper into debt. When his ex wife freezes the restaurants' bank account, Ann and Richards' entire life savings goes with it. Ann cleverly finds an escape and she and Richard are on the next plane to the South Pacific until things simmer down. In their desperate search for quiet and isolation and time to figure out their future, they land on a remote atoll where a bizarre cast of characters resides. One crazy adventure after another, each chapter more repetitive and bizarre than the last. What began as an escape from the fast paced lives we all live - to finding oneself on a fantasy-like deserted island morphed into a ridiculous nonsensical circus. Forcing myself to finish, hoping somehow it would all come back together, I was deeply disappointed when it never did. The first half truly grabbed me and then it ran away so fast I could never catch up. Sadly, I don't think I will be recommending this one my reader friends.

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