Thursday, February 19, 2015


An English woman gets on a plane to Athens to teach a
writing class for one week. She has been to Greece before and has a few friends and acquaintances to keep her busy during her free hours. This middle aged woman has just divorced and worries about her children, how they are faring both from the aftermath of divorce and the family dynamics that are quickly changing. This novel is a series of short stories of the people she meets throughout this trip. The "neighbor" man from the plane, one of her quirky students, a beautiful old friend she meets for drinks and the neurotic teacher replacing her at the end of the week. As a writer she reflects on her experiences past and present and as a woman, she worries what the future will hold after so many years of meticulous, rather rigid living. She is an excellent observer of people and the world around her. I don't always find myself immersed when I read short stories but the exception here is twofold; Rachel Cusk is an incredible writer whose words flow effortlessly and the woman connects and brings a continuity to the stories in a most unique way. I highly recommend this easy, thoughtful novel. For my friends who currently do write or wish to write, I think you particularly would like this read!

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