Thursday, May 29, 2014

Invisible City

Rebekah Roberts is a twenty something "stringer" working
for the New York Tribune. She is struggling to find her way through the fast paced newspaper world while making a name for herself professionally as a journalist. Rebekah desperately wants to create her own identity away from Florida and her loving Dad so she can finally overcome the lifelong anxiety created by her mother's abandonment when she was an infant. Rebekah is feisty, smart and talented and as she immerses herself into a story of murder and intrigue buried deep in the Hasidic section of Borough Park, Brooklyn, she begins to finally understand how troubled her own mother must have been and why she could not ultimately break with the only community she knew. A lively bunch of characters surround this spunky young woman; Iris her roommate and longtime friend, Tony, the bartender she is currently dating and Saul who appears from the past and pushes her deeper into this mystery with his own heartbreak and his own agenda at hand. This fascinating glimpse into a world within our world which is often closed to outsiders, is filled with intrigue and suspense as Rebekah bravely discovers her own gauge for right and wrong both personally and professionally. Easy to read, unique, enjoyable novel! I can only hope this terrific author continues to share her incredible talent and creativity with more to come! Highly recommend this great summer read, pick up today!!! Invisible City (Rebekah Roberts)

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