Monday, May 26, 2014

The Snow Queen

It is 2004 and Barrett Meeks lives with his brother Tyler and
Tyler's girlfriend Beth in a small apartment in Brooklyn. Barrett, recently left by his boyfriend is heartbroken. Finding himself alone and blue, not only for the love he thought he possessed but the life that seems to have no ground and is taking him nowhere. Tyler, a struggling musician spends his time caring for beautiful sweet Beth who is hanging on but barely, as chemotherapy destroys the good and the bad.  One day as Barrett is walking through Central Park he sees a vision. A turquoise light, and as he searches for meaning the snowflakes keep falling and days keep spinning all too fast for the man that just wants something dear to hold on to. These characters, along with a few other friends create the small group in the small sad world they all live in. It is not fame and money and success that they are missing - but hope. The Hours By Michael Cunningham is one of the best books I have ever read so I was drawn to read his newest novel. The writing is beyond superb and its a rather quick read that flows well but its sad - and the significance is deeply buried. Most certainly it will leave you thinking and wondering about these characters and the choices they make for a long time to come.

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