Thursday, May 15, 2014

You Are One of Them

Best friends at ten years old, Sarah and Jenny are inseparable
friends and neighbors in Washington, D.C. It is the 1980's and the Berlin Wall is soon to come down. Sarah's English father has abandoned them and her mother is obsessed with nuclear disarmament and the Cold War. She is agoraphobic and although she is the adult in the household, Sarah is often the caretaker. Jenny's home is wholesome as apple pie. Her perfect parents welcome Sarah into their lives as she spends most of her time there. The girls decide to write letters to Yuri Andropov in the Soviet Union asking for peace. Jenny's letter gets printed in the newspaper and it launches her into a crazy 5 minutes of fame that turns into two years of trips, reporters and interviews with Jenny as the poster child for peace. Flash forward ten years later and Sarah has graduated college. She is in search of Jenny, of her own identity and does everything in her power to lead a life different from her housebound mother's. Sarah journeys to Russia as her past and present collide teaching her the truth about the world and herself. Incredibly unique storyline from this novelist. The author shows the reader how to delve deep into the imagination but also back to a time of great change in the world. It is about friendship, family, truth and like all juicy stories, betrayal. Highly recommend.

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