Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bread and Butter

Leo, Britt and Harry are three brothers in the restaurant business.
Leo and Britt run Winesap, a successful business they have built from the ground up. Harry, the youngest, who has spent years wandering, studying, and never really settling down decides to open his own restaurant near the small town they have all grown up in. Will the brothers help each other or let their ego’s get in the way of their success and happiness? This inside (fictional) look at the restaurant business, from creation and d├ęcor to selecting menus and employees is perfect for any foodie who enjoys a look behind the scenes. Sprinkled with romance, family emotions and a lot of cooking, Bread and Butter is a delicious read and a lot more complicated than bread and butter! Reminiscent of Anthony Bourdain’s “Kicthen Confidential” (reminding me how hard the restaurant business is!)I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend this easy, interesting novel. (Warning: Don’t read on an empty stomach! Reading about food will make you very hungry!)

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