Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Miles Adler-Rich, along with his best friend in the world, Hector,
begin to spy on Mile's recently divorced mother and her new boyfriend Eli Lee. At first Miles acts as an ordinary awkward self conscience teenager that cannot believe his mother could love, let alone have sex with a man other than his dad. But the plot thickens as the pieces of the puzzle are found, but most definitely do not fit together. The Mims, as they call his mom and his twin sisters (whom he refers) Boop One and Boop two live in a cozy suburb near LA. The kids all attend a progressive, community minded school, very California. As the details of Miles' discoveries become more serious he finds he can no longer keep these secrets that will change all of their lives forever. This novel narrated by this intelligent funny boy takes the reader straight back to adolescence, friends, hormones, futures at stake. Since reading Mona Simpson Anywhere But Here (which later became a movie) in 1986, I have LOVED her quirky stories filled with memorable characters and always a life lesson to be learned, a moment to be cherished. Again, her writing pulls the reader deeply into the heart of the mini stories spinning through the novel. This is an enjoyable read I could not put down. Having not expected to fall so hard at what initially felt YA and lighter, I remain days later thinking about this family. The themes both common and unique to each person that has lived them. Highly recommend Casebook. Excellent summer read!!  BUY TODAY!! Casebook: A novel

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