Monday, February 24, 2014

The Hundred-Foot Journey

Hassan Haji, a young man growing up in a boisterous family
in Mumbai has a gift. While his family runs various food carts and restaurants Hassan picks up skills that unleash an inner sense few people aquire. Even those who are "chefs" and cook for a living do not possess the skills blessed upon him. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes and the family is shaken to its very core. They liquidate everything and move to France where they can once again begin a new life in the restaurant business. Hassan is finally old enough to become head cook and his remarkable skills lead him on a path to fame and fortune. This delicious, funny, touching story about family, love and traditions takes the reader on a magnificent cultural journey that one can visualize and taste as this spicy family travels through bland rainy England, the hills of Lumiere and the bustle of Paris. The writing was excellent and it is hard to believe this author is not a chef himself! An entertaining and heartwarming story, a must read in my book: but warning! it will leave you starving for more!! The Hundred-Foot Journey

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