Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Where the Moon Isn't

Matthew Homes tells the story of his life.
Some of his story is a reflection of his childhood and other moments are details of  his present circumstance but all of it is told with the most simple honesty I have ever read. As a young boy growing up in England Matt is traumatized at the age of 6  by the death of his brother, Simon. This horrific event, how it affects his parents, and their past medical history, Matthew starts to break down. Eventually when safety becomes an issue, professional care can no longer be denied. Matthew is a caring, loving young man and mental illness whether is it hereditary or brought on by a traumatic event, sets the story of his life. Lucky for Matthew, his parents, Nanny Noo and artistic gifts for drawing and writing help him express himself and get the help he desperately needs. This is a shockingly easy read considering the sadness and seriousness it entails, one would expect a heavy story to be hard to get through but Where the Moon Isn't is told from the heart of a sweet boy that is irresistible. This new author, Nathan Filer, is definitely one to watch. Highly recommend this captivating novel.

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