Saturday, February 15, 2014

Andrew's Brain

This stream of conversation falls between Andrew and most
probably his psychiatrist. Sometimes Andrew is reflecting on his life, sometimes his future or most likely the universe in general and how we find our place in it. The abilities of our brains and the line between consciousness and subconsciousness is threaded through every chapter as well. Okay, if I still have your attention, I have always wanted to read something by E.L. Doctorow and figured his latest would be a good choice. The funny thing is it left me bewildered, not disliking it but not knowing what I felt. Looking back now after a few days I can get a better grasp of what I read. The writing and flow of words is extraordinary, if it was anything less I could never have read this type of book. The character is interesting in the strangest of ways and there is a story in there somewhere but I think you only find it long after finishing the book. With all this in mind I must say I have never read anything even remotely similar (which is good!) and it presented me with a lot to think about (good again!) If you cannot live without an intense specific storyline this may not be for you but based on the size (easily read) and excellent prose I give it a thumbs up and also apologize in advance for the rambling review which may just be a symptom of the book itself. Andrew's Brain: A Novel

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