Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Still Life with Breadcrumbs

Rebecca Winter, world famous photographer, mother,
daughter, ex-wife. This is who she is on paper but who is Rebecca, really? After a dwindling of finances and little recent success with her work this renowned artist finds herself renting out her lavish apartment and living in a small cottage two hours from Manhattan. Small town life sounded quite like a plan; she would save money, concentrate on photography and meditate on the quiet. It wasn't until she was literally alone in the dark that Rebecca realized how empty and frozen her NYC life had truly become. She befriends the local baker and begins the most unlikely relationship with a roofer, different from her in every way possible. Her long time fame is fading, at this age Rebecca is not sure what she wants from the rest of her life and it is both scary and exciting. Anna Quindlen is a beautiful writer. Short delicate chapters which can make you laugh and cry as you continue to turn the page until sadly you've reached the last one. Highly recommend this touching enjoyable novel.  Still Life with Bread Crumbs: A Novel

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