Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Woman Upstairs

By Claire Messud       Nora Eldridge is a 37 year old schoolteacher
living in the suburbs of Boston. She has been a good girl, a good daughter and a good friend - all of her life. And she has been waiting. Waiting for true happiness. Waiting to find that magic moment when a person realizes their purpose. And she is waiting. And Nora is getting angry and bitter while she waits. When Nora meets the Shahid family her life dramatically changes. Each member, husband, wife and child become significant to Nora in their unique way and Nora becomes obsessed with their very being. This book is a quiet, intense probe into the workings of an ordinary woman searching for an extraordinary life. Claire Messud is a magnificent writer, I found there were sentences I had to read over and over. She slowly brings the reader closer and closer to the heart of the truth. Highly recommend this excellent read. BUY NOW!
The Woman Upstairs

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