Monday, August 12, 2013

Fin & Lady

By Cathleen Schine    It is 1964 and Fin Hadley, an orphan
has come to NYC to live with his new guardian and long lost older sister named Lady. Lady, an exotic free spirited intellectual searching for love and acceptance in a world filled with rules and war. Fin is eleven years old. He has spent most of his childhood on a dairy farm in Connecticut. Fin just wants to have a family and feel safe. He just wants to be loved. Fin watches out for Lady as much as Lady watches out for Fin. Then there is Mabel, the negro maid that does not want to discuss civil rights, thinks these people are generally nuts and loves them more than anything in the world. "Uncles" Tyler, Biffi and Jack, potential suitors for Lady, Phoebe the girl across the street whom Fin confides and joins in his escapades. A colorful novel filled with witty fun and adventure, love and loss. A warm, delicious story from beginning to end, highly recommended! BUY OR DOWNLOAD TODAY!!
Fin & Lady: A Novel

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