Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pictures of the Past

By Deby Eisenberg  It is 1937 and Taylor Woodmere of Chicago,
is sent to Europe on behalf of his fathers successful business. While traveling he meets and falls madly in love with Sarah Berger, beautiful daughter of a Jewish business associate from Berlin. He presents her with a gift of a magnificent painting by Henri Lebasque that she will possess until they could be together again. And so begins this generational saga engrossing the reader from WWII to present day. Chapters flashing back and forth in time with the lives of Taylor, his disastrous son Courtland and finally his children and grandchildren as well.  Descriptive scenes of the Worlds Fair in 1937, the rise of Hitler, and resistance movement that followed changed all their lives forever. Later when the infamous painting is donated to The Chicago Museum of Art its provenance is questioned and history and love reach back more than 70 years to find the answers and the truth. I recommend this novel if you desire a simplistic historical quick read. It is not a blockbuster but is good. BUY NOW!
Pictures of the Past

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