Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Girl You Left Behind

By Jojo Moyes   The lives of two beautiful women living
during two very different centuries collide on a path to finding out the truth about the world and about themselves. This novel finds Sophie, a French woman during WWI in a small village that is occupied by the Germans. Her artist husband Eduard is off fighting the war and she lives with her sister Helene to help run the family hotel Le Coq Rouge. The women become somewhat hostage to the German group as the Kommandant takes an unwelcome liking to Sophie and uses their hotel as a dining hall for his soldiers every evening. The fear and discomfort is palpable and Sophie must trust her instincts to see how far she can use this "friendship" to provide for and save her family. Liv, a sad widow at 32, lives in London in an apartment made of glass designed by her beloved lost husband. She looks out these humungous glass windows as the world turns around her, but sadly she is not a part of that world. Liv has removed herself to an isolated existence with few friends and little to fill her days. Until Liv meets Paul and the sun begins to shine once again. These two very different worlds are pulled together by history and chance over a painting of The Girl. A portrait of Sophie hanging on Liv's wall that haunts her very soul but may be the answer to her release, and Sophie's too.  This story is filled with fantastic characters who find their way deep into the readers heart and imagination. Ms. Moyes keeps the twists and turns of the past moving quickly as her beautiful words of love and loss and hope fill the pages. Highly recommend this excellent novel. Okay, readers I hear you. Only once in awhile do books like Me Before You come along. They are few and far between and it is hard to describe "why" but this is a good book and we must support this extraordinary writer. BUY TODAY! You will not be disappointed!!
The Girl You Left Behind

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