Friday, August 23, 2013

Swimming at Night

By Lucy Clarke  Two sister's learn the about the devastating line
between love and hate, need and want, true happiness and contentment. Katie and Mia grow up in Cornwall England with their loving mother in a small house near the sea. Katie, the older sister by three years, has spent her well disciplined life looking out for Mia, teaching her, guiding her and secretly wishing for just a small bit of the freedom and energy emanating from Mia's life. Mia desperately wants to be like her older sister, following her, admiring her yet constantly disappointing her. Well, at least thats the way they see it. Irresponsible Mia is found dead at the bottom of a cliff in Bali. Katie discovers hers sisters infamous journal in her belongings and decides the only way to understand this tragedy is to follow in her sisters footsteps. Keeping the journal close to her heart, Katie learns of the twists and unexpected turns Mia's life had taken the last few months. She feels closer to Mia than ever and as she finds the answers to life's most difficult questions she also discovers who she really is. This novel is filled with sibling psyche, romance, friendship and magnificent scenery. It's got it all! HIGHLY recommend this excellent read, you will not want to put it down!! BUY NOW!
Swimming at Night: A Novel

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