Thursday, June 6, 2024

Summer Romance

Two years ago Ali’s mom sadly passed away. They were extremely close and Ali still finds herself locked in the car asking for advice. More concerning is that her mother answers. Then her husband announces he wants a divorce. This professional organizer and mother of two falls into a deep funk that she cannot climb out of. Keeping herself busy in the small town she grew up in creates an illusion making the days go quicker - but to what end? As summer approaches Ali wants to fix up more than her pantry, she wants to organize her life and start over again. In walks Ethan, or rather in rolls Scooter. (picture actor Adam Demos from Netflix Sex/Life on a skateboard) The once scrawny teenage brother of her best friend throws Ali for a loop de loop. Scooter has grown up and this devastatingly handsome, kind and sexy man may be just the fling to spice up her summer. As she and her ex work their way through a painful mediation juggling the needs and emotions of their kids, Ali must learn to manage the feelings unexpectedly bursting in her heart. Ethan is supposed to leave at the end of the summer. He has a home, career and people depending on him. But a four hour commute seems impossible and Ali fears she may lose her opportunity for a happy future. As cute, witty, sexy and well written as Nora Goes off Script, Summer Romance is the PERFECT read for the beach this summer! You will love every single minute of it! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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