Monday, June 24, 2024

The Treason of Betsy Ross

As a teen Betsy Griscom follows her sister to the sewing shop where she spent her days. Without many options open to girls, and quite a talent with the needle, Betsy weaves her way to a position in the shop as well. The younger siblings at home keep her Quaker parents busy and they barely notice when Betsy brings home John Ross, a handsome young man she works beside. At first admitting they are only friends, Betsy fails to reveal John’s non-Quaker rebellious side and family ties to the Sons of Liberty. As violence in 1770 Philadelphia trickles down, Betsy can longer ignore the dangers of political unrest and what it means to be married to a militia man. She cannot no longer abide to the Quaker vow of nonviolence when their lives and that of their future children are at stake. Secretly helping John in any way she can Betsy is drawn closer and closer to the upheaval of this new American society and the future of an independent America. Fascinating historical detail of Philadelphia and the looming Revolutionary War, these turbulent times had many unsung heroes. Reflecting on what it meant to be patriot, the well known Betsy Ross was a brave feminist way ahead of her time. ⭐⭐⭐

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