Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Funny Story

Peter and Daphne had every detail of their wedding all planned. They moved back to Peter’s quaint Michigan hometown of Waning Bay, into the most adorable starter home. Peter’s lifelong friends and family were an instantly filled social calendar and Daphne loved her perfect job at the local library. Too good to be true? Well, its a not so funny story what happens next. All plans and their future implode when Peter reconnects with his gorgeous childhood friend Petra and dumps Daphne for the future wife he was meant to have. Completely devastated, Petra’s ex offers Daphne a room to rent. Miles is extremely handsome, in a disheveled tattooed bar tender sort of way, not her type at all. To Daphne’s surprise Miles turns out to be an excellent listener and kind soul. Their friendship blossoms and begins to fill the empty void Daphne has fallen into. When she accidentally lets it slip to Peter that she is dating Miles, simply to make him jealous, the young couple starts to enjoy the fake thing a little too much. Trying hard to enjoy their new friendship and avoid their mind blowing physical chemistry is harder than either of them ever imagined. As Daphne listens to her heart she begins to see a bright future of her own making. This latest romance by Emily Henry is too perfect. It is so rare to love every single character - I would not change a single thing. Five summer stars! Throw this one in your beach bag today!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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