Sunday, June 16, 2024

Love Letters to a Serial Killer

Hannah is adrift. Her job at a non-profit is going nowhere and she spends most of her time pining for men who never reciprocate. Hannah desperately wants to be in love and escape her mediocre family, her dead end job and the painful solitude of the studio apartment she can barely afford. On the wrong side of thirty, she is starting to think her window of opportunity has closed. Everything changes when she becomes obsessed with an online forum that is following the case of a serial killer accused of brutally murdering multiple women in Georgia. His name is William. He is a lawyer from a wealthy family and decidedly handsome. While William is in jail awaiting trial Hannah cannot stop thinking about the case, about William, and she writes him a letter. Not expecting a response, Hannah is shocked when William sends a friendly and rather flirty reply. They become penpals. Although Hannah believes he is guilty she learns all about his life and her feelings become magnified when William wants to know about hers. No-one has ever given Hannah this kind of attention and she is quickly drawn into his world. The trial is approaching and Hannah drives across the country to attend. She meets his family, she meets other women obsessed with the case and together they await the verdict. Hannah must be crazy, right? What kind of person would fall in love a serial killer? Filled with completely unexpected twists and turns, this fast paced insanity was absolutely unputdownable. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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